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maybe I really am a photographer

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It’s funny how just changing the way you think about yourself changes the way you look at things. This week, in between running around like a crazy person trying to meet the demands at work, I really thought about myself as a photographer and took a few bold steps in that direction. I found  a wonderful local photographer, John Foraste, emailed him to see if he would meet with me and let me pick his brain and he said YES! We are planning to meet in  a week for breakfast no less and I am just so excited to really talk with someone who has spent their life as a photographer.

I also finally contacted Dennis Hlynsky, a contact I was given at RISD. And guess what, he also responded right away. He had some very interesting things to say. What struck me most is that he really encouraged me to find a way to do the project I have in mind on my own, to find a way to remove any limitations and to own my idea.  I thought that as soon as I told him I was an “amateur” photographer and a social worker, he would dismiss me and send me straight to the continuing ed program. He did just the opposite and really spoke to me with respect for my idea and validation of my passion. After talking with him, I’ve decided that I’m going to put my project in a safe place for now and focus on building my skill. I still have so much to learn about how to capture the image I have in my mind.

The great thing is, with the internet, so much material is available and free! I have found more than several photographers whose work I want to study, like Mary Ellen Mark, Fazal Sheikah, David Duchemin, and Ed Kashi and Dawoud Bey. And I was so thrilled to discover the Center for Photography at Woodstock. They have some amazing weekend workshops and only three hours away! I may not get there this summer but I’m going to try to develop my portfolio in preparation for next summer!

And after much research, the Nikon D90 is what I have my eye on. Now I just have to save a few more pennies. Good thing is the D50 I have has taken many great pictures and will continue to do so until I can get my hands on the D90.  Hopefully soon you will see more of my images here as I figure out the best way to display them. Until then be sure to check out my flickr account!


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July 18, 2010 at 10:38 am

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