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Belated Mother’s Day wish, only because I’m WordPress illiterate!

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As you can see I haven’t posted in over a week and why you might ask? Because I have spent every spare moment I’ve had (which is not very many!)to try to make a nifty slide show with witty captions in honor of my most dedicated reader, my Mom.  Well, after thinking I’ve almost figured it out about five times now I give up! I love you Mom and someday I will figure out how to do it but not this year! This last effort really did me in as I spent quite a while ordering and putting captions on all the pictures only to get a slide show with no captions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the captions went something like this:

Thanks Mom for making me feel like I’m the best mother in the world and for not saying anything when I forget to get you a card for Mother’s Day

(I did get you pretty cool book on Orchids, they just don’t sell cards at the bookstore anymore!)

Thanks Mom for teaching me to love the outdoors and sharing your favorite places with me.

Thanks Mom for loving my husband like he was your own son and not taking sides!

(even when you really want to!)

Thanks Mom for being there to hold a leg and take this picture. It was the best moment of my life and I’m so glad you were there to share it with us!

(you can guess which picture that is!)

Thanks Mom for getting her to take the binky and everything else in the early days! You saved my life!

Thanks Mom for introducing her nice and early to the TV

and the computer

and video games!

Thanks Mom for always being up for another birthday party

or a tea party

or just one more ride on the Merry-go-round!

Oh and Cheers!

And why did I spend all the time I could find to try to make a nifty tribute to my mom even though I repeatedly could not get it to work? Because of all the times I know she persevered for me! My Mom worked full-time her whole life  to provide a good life for my brother and I. She had some help from my Grandmother but she also took care of my Grandmother on her own for many years freeing my brother and I up so we could find our own way. We both found our way right back to her and her support when it came time to start our own families. She is one of the smartest, bravest, most beautiful women I know and I only hope I can be half the mother she was to me! I love you Mom!


Written by realmom

May 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm

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  1. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman. I hope she had a wonderful day!


    May 15, 2010 at 5:14 pm

  2. Great post and I love the slideshow.


    May 15, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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