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Real Meals Week 1

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What's for supper?

A few weeks ago I decided to add my version of a meal planning/cooking section to my blog starting with a post about Sunday Supper. I thought you might like to see how my mantra “dairy, fruit , veg, protein and whole grain” plays out on a weekly basis. These posts will either leave you feeling really good about any meal you actually make from a recipe or they will release you from the mommy guilt making you feel bad about not following a recipe!

Monday~ Ate pizza at the airport on the way home from Wisconsin.

Tuesday~ Hubby made easy tomato sauce with pasta. I’m not sure you would call it a recipe. More like a few cans, a dash of this and that, some bay leaves and alot of sugar! I threw some frozen spinach in micro and served with grapes.

*Kid Tip: Real Girl started meal refusing to eat meat sauce and spinach both of which she has had before. Real Dad and I started up a tale about how Wonder Woman can fly because she always eats her meat! She was fascinated! And Real Dad is personal friends with Popeye and would be giving him a call if she ate all the spinach. Amazingly she cleaned her plate!

Wednesday~ Scrambled eggs, frozen peas, apple slices and whole wheat bread.

Thursday~ Pork tenderloin(cooks in 15 min!),sweet potato in micro, and orange slices.

Friday~CHIPOTLE! You will probably see this every Friday since that is our weekly family night out. If you’ve never been it is a great place for fresh, healthy cheap fast food! And Real Girl has been eating there since she started eating solid food! She has always loved the guacamole!

Saturday~ Real Girl was home with Auntie and had left over pork tenderloin, peas, sliced bananas, and couple slices of whole grain bread with butter. We made the mistake of going out for a small bite to eat at a sandwich shop. $17.00 for two very mediocre sandwiches. I was half way through thinking we should have just ate PB&J with a tall glass of milk and then gone to the book store with our $17.00! Next time!

Sunday~Turkey burgers on the grill, avocado, spinach, apple slices and a tall glass of milk.*It was one of those days where we had been out all day and neither of us wanted to cook. We went round and round deciding what to do and then finally settled on these burgers because we had an avocado that would go bad if left another day! We finally get the burgers on the grill and when I go to check them their stone cold! We ran out of gas!! Has that ever happened to you? All I could do was laugh! Thankfully our wonderful neighbor heard our plight from over the fence and offered his tank! Gotta love great neighbors! Thanks neighbors!!!


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May 5, 2010 at 9:30 am

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