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Who turned my preschooler into a teenager?

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The last few months it seems Real Girl forgot how to follow directions, at least my directions anyway! I usually have to ask her about four times and then physically move her in the right direction before I get any response. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’m rushing her around all the time. “Let’s get dressed” “Eat your food” “Put your shoes on” “Take your shoes off”.  She, unlike me, does not wear a watch and has no agenda. Sometimes, most of the time, I envy her ability to be in the moment and not feel she needs to rush into the next moment.

So after several days on vacation together, she’d had just about enough of listening to me tell her what to do and I’d had enough of her not following directions. Crash! We ended up in one of those time-out battles. The ones I have coached parents on for years in my work life(as a counselor/social worker). I always knew it would be different when I was the parent!

“You need to take a time out!” She proceeds to run around the room inviting me gleefully to chase her! I hear Super Nanny’s voice in my head and pick her up and put her in time out. She then tries  to wrestle letting out a full belly laugh.  At this point I know she is getting way too much enjoyment out of this so I walk away reducing  the timeout to 10 seconds in hopes of getting a little cooperation.  No luck! She smirks at me and continues to roll around on the floor. So I give the dreaded ultimatum (the one your not sure you can follow through on!) “Well, your not doing anything else today until you do a 10 SECOND timeout!” She rolls around some more and then Real Dad comes in, oblivious to what has transpired, whispers in her ear, and thank God she does the time out! I still don’t know what he whispered in her ear. Something about a lollipop I’m sure!

Later that afternoon Real Dad and I went to the movies while she stayed with Oma. When we got home Oma explained that efforts at a nap were not successful and Real Girl announces she has left me a note on the bedroom door! She runs over to the door  pointing at a colorful note  saying “Mom, you need to read this!” Oma, her secretary, had written “I do not want to go to bed!”   OK, I thought I had at least another 11 years before dealing with this kind of shenanigans!

And to top off the wonderful day, during supper, she ran from the table and slammed the door to the bedroom only to open it and yell “You need to apologize for hurting my feelings!”

When did I hurt your feelings?”

When you said I had to finish my broccoli or I can’t have any ice cream?”

Here is where I triumphed: “Well, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. Now come  eat your broccoli so you can have some ice cream.”



Written by realmom

March 16, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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  1. Isn’t three way harder than two? When Vivi hit three, I thought I had been totally misled by her and all those morons who called the twos terrible. Ugh!


    March 17, 2010 at 2:54 pm

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