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Back in time with a visit to Grandpa’s

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We’ve spent the past few days at my father’s house and every time I see a moment between my father and my 3yo I am thrown back to when I was small enough for him to carry around. I am flooded with a mix of emotions: a longing to be small and full of energy, secure and safe in my father’s strong arms, gratitude that I have a father who has given me such unconditional love and taught me how to love my own child and finally something that is almost physical, deep in my chest that is connected to both my daughter and my father.

We are going home tomorrow. A seven hour drive (yes, seven) through snowy roads and I am already feeling the sadness of saying goodbye. My parents divorced when I was 8yo and I have had a lifetime of goodbyes to my father. I always leave wanting more. Now, because of my love for realgirl I know my father has loved me enough.


Written by realmom

January 3, 2010 at 6:10 pm

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