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the bed I didn't sleep in

So here is the not so real first post from yesterday:

Well, I first found the blogosphere one year ago and have probably read thousands of blog posts since then, dreaming of a blog of my own. I dabbled a bit with a nice shiny blog about the adventures of my adorable daughter but life was only pretty enough on rare occasions so I didn’t post much and eventually fizzled. So it’s time to get real and I hope that this will be a place for others who are who, like me, are doing their very best to just stay sane as they love their kids, go to work, keep the house clean, and feed everyone. Sure I dream of doing and being alot of creative exciting stuff but for now it’s mostly dreams because real life doesn’t leave alot of time for, what for now I will call: fluff. I do like to take pictures and will try to keep things interesting with some of my pics, probably of alot of regular stuff. So here is to a year of being real!

And now for the real story:

On New Year’s eve I put my 3yo to bed at her usual time and somehow managed to stay up until midnight with real dad and my parents to ring in the new year. Then the fun began. At about 4am realgirl woke up, and despite a good effort never went back to sleep. It went something like this:

“Mommy, I have a hair! I have a hair!”

“You have a what?”

” a hair in my mouth”

Realmom fishes around in realgirl’s mouth praying “Dear God, let me find this hair so she will go back to sleep!

After a good effort in bed with realmom and realdad, we headed out to the kitchen with DVD player and laptop in hand. Realgirl was in heaven watching about three hours of  WORDWORLD(She can read now!) and realmom entered the “I’m going to start a new blog that I will post to everyday and is going to make me rich and live forever!” zone.  Word of advice, setting up a blog in the middle of the night is not such a good idea. I ended up with a blog with URL that had nothing to do with the title. I paid $24.00 for a domain name that I then realized I have to pay even more to use! My get rich quick plan will have to wait as I picked a host with great themes(thanks wordpress!) but no advertising unless I want to pay more out! (Let’s see if anyone will read it first!) I set up my email and twitter to connect only to finally decide that I need to start again with a new blog to fix the URL!

And here we are. After another 24hours in the zone, comparing Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, and GoDaddy, I hope I have finally come home. A 2hr nap and a good nights sleep have partially released me from the zone although I don’t think I will finally be free until this new blog has all the widgets I painstakingly added to the first try! And sorry for the small font size, (help!)I hope you’ll read anyway!

So here is to real beginnings thanks to a piece of hair!


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January 2, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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